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The relatively contemporary series called ‘Money Heist’ falls under the genre of drama. It is a Spanish show which is available to viewers to watch on Netflix. Currently, it has four parts, Season 1- part 1 and 2, Season 2- part 3 and the upcoming season 3- part 4.

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However, it is often seen as 4 separate seasons. In Spanish, it is called ‘La Casa de Papel’ meaning ‘house of paper’, which has been translated to its English name for the convenience of a larger audience. In short, the plot revolves around eight thieves who take hostages and lock themselves up as a criminal mastermind in Spain’s Royal Mint, exploiting the police to carry out his scheme. The criminal mastermind, who goes by the title “The Professor“, is the protagonist of the series. He has the perfect scheme to pull off the greatest heist seen in modern history. His plan is to print billions of Euros in the Royal Mint of Spain. However, a crime of this length cannot be carried out singlehandedly. So in order to successfully commit the planned crime, The Professor seeks out to hire these eight people.

The choice of these eight helpers has not been made loosely. The careful jurisdiction and qualifications met out to the cut off for these eight positions go on to prove the evil genius that The Professor is and how he does not take his goals lightly. They ought to have certain talents, in order to be useful for the given task.

They must also be people who have nothing to lose, thus proving they are loyal and faithful to their given duty and to help him carry out the ambitious strategy. The group of robbers is to take hostages to help in their dealings with the police, who are strategizing to find a way to apprehend The Professor. When more time goes by the thieves are staying alert for a confrontation with the legal system and the police.

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La Casa de Papel Latest Part 4 will be released on 4th April 2020 on Netflix Premium. But, You can watch La Casa de Papel old episodes for free on moneyheistseasons.com in 2020

Money Heist Season 1 (2017)

Money Heist Season 1

Money Heist Part 1 Story
A woman named Tokyo is seen to have failed a bank robbery which was supposed to have been performed by her. This results in her having to be rescued by The Professor, who succeeds in saving her from being arrested by the police. He then also proposes a heist of dramatic proportions to her. The story then continues to the start of a multi-day assault at the Royal Mint of Spain in Madrid, after a brief overview of the heist planned. We are then introduced to the eight robbers are named after cities with the code names, Tokyo, Moscow, Berlin, Nairobi, Rio, Denver, Helsinki, and Oslo.

The show has repeated flashbacks giving the audience information on how preparations for the crime took place in the countryside in Toledo. The robbers are told not to start a bond or relationship with each other, so as to keep it purely professional. They are not to engage in sharing personal information or getting to know one another, which would deviate them from their sole and primary purpose.

In the present, the robbers are seen to be disguised as the famous Spanish painter,   Salvador Dalí.  They take sixty-seven people in their hostage in order to carry out the theft of printing €2.4 billion and then escaping through a tunnel. The Professor is seen to supervise the heist from a different location, being the brains behind the plan but not physically a part of it.

Money Heist Season 2 (2019)

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Money Heist Part 2 Story
The robbers inside the Mint have trouble adhering to the predefined rules in sections 1 and 2 and face uncooperative hostages, terror, alienation, and mutiny. Tokyo comments via voice-overs on the cases.

Denver’s love affair with the Mónica Gaztambide hostage is still under consideration with the Professor on the outside of National Police Corporation Inspector Raquel Murillo and he starts an intimate relationship with Salva, who is claimed to be an alter ego. The audience is kept in suspense about the identity of The Professor, which comes close to being revealed but is not done fully.

Only the character Raquel discovers his true identity, of Sergio Marquina, after having come up with a plan with Ángel, but she is in shock of his findings. Thus, he is incapable of turning him into the authorities. With the issuance of EUR 984 million, but at the cost of Oslo, Moscow, and Berlin, the robbers fled successfully from the Mint after 128 hours at the end of Part 2. A year later, Raquel decodes postcards left by The Professor for a Philippine place in Palawan, this is where the two meet each other again.

Money Heist Season 3 (2019)

Money Heist Season 3

Money Heist Part 3 Story
The group enjoys their lives in different locations two to three years after the heist on the Royal Mint in Spain. However, the professor takes up Berlin’s old plans to strike the Bank and to push Europol into the handing over to Rio as Europol catches Rio with a captured cell.

He and Raquel, who is going by the name “Lisbon” get the gang back together, including Mónica, going by the name “Stockholm“, and they also recruit three new members- Bogotá, Palermo, and Marseille. In the past, The Professor and Berlin demonstrate the new heist and their different strategies for love in detail. The masked robbers break into the highly-guarded bank, take hostages and finalize access to gold and state secrets, while Professor and Lisbon ride an RV and speak with robbers and the police to an ambulance.

Oslo is now murdered as a kind-hearted act by Helsinki. Outside the Mint, Tokyo was taken to jail when the bus was hijacked. Instead, Tokyo made contact with Rio (Miguel Herrán) and persuaded him to bring her back to the Mint. Rio and Moscow to open the doors of the Mint, and Tokyo flew back into the mint in a dazzling motorcycle stunt that is impossible. Sadly, while attempting to protect Tokyo, Moscow was shot in the process and ultimately died. Leaving Raquel unconscious, Professor El professor managed to strike and rejoin the Band again.

Tokyo would originally hide in a secluded hangar, but she didn’t have the chance to make sure the scheme was going as planned with the professor kidnapped by Raquel. A bank break is prevented, leading the Police, led by Colonel Luis Tamayo and pregnant inspector Alicia Sierra, to release Rio for the robberies. Nairobi gets critically wounded by a shot in the chest from cops-inflicted attackers, and the police catch Lisbon. With another assault on the new bank by the officers, the police executed Lisbon was thought, The Professor radios Palermo and announces DEFCON 2 to the police.

The scene ends by showing Lisbon alive and in jail since the police have linked her to The Professor, and Tokyo narrates that the professor had fallen into his own pit.

Money Heist Season 4 (2020)

Money Heist Season 4

Money Heist Part 4 Story
The much-awaited part 4 of the exciting series will be released on 3rd April 2020. The trailer was released on 5th March 2020. According to the trailer, the police team’s flashes and they are all set.

The Professor is in a bed and Nairobi in a mask of oxygen. Tokyo suggests that The Professor has lost his mind and we have a first glimpse of the events of Raquel in the fourth season. She had the chance to take her old life back.

Money Heist Season 5 (2021)


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