Money Heist Season 1 – La Casa de Papel Parte 1 All Episodes

La casa de Papel is the Spanish version of the Netflix series Money Heist. It is the original version, and the series is also shot in the Spanish language. Netflix acquired streaming rights in late 2017. The title ‘La casa de Papel’ means ‘house of paper’. The series is created by Alex Pina. The series was initially run on a Spanish network named ‘Antenna 3‘ from May 2017 to November 2017. The show had an original run time of 15 episodes, but Netflix re-cut the series into 22 shorter episodes and released them worldwide. The streaming of the first part started on 20 December 2017.

Watch Money Heist Part 4
Watch Money Heist Part 4

This is followed by the streaming of the second part in April 2018. On seeing the successful run of the series and audience response towards this show, Netflix renewed the series with a slight increase in its budget. It elongated the story into another 16 episodes breaking the first eight episodes as season 3 which was released in July 2019, and the remaining eight episodes are going to be streamed on 3 April 2020. This series also won the 46th International Emmy Awards for the best drama series in the year 2018.

About Money Heist Season 1

These series fall under the genre of drama. It is also considered as a television heist crime drama series by the Spanish citizens. Initially, the series is seen as four parts and as per the story division likewise- Season 1: part 1 and part 2, Season 2- part 3 and Season 3- part 4. But as per the streaming way of Netflix part 1 and part 2 are considered as two different seasons. The series was filmed in significant parts of Madrid, Spain. The series goes on with a real-time like narration in the background which relies on many factors like flashbacks, time-jumps, and the motivation of some hidden characters which is necessary for that particular part of the episode.

Money Heist Part 1 Story

Money Heist Part 1 Story
Now coming to the plot, the story revolves around a group of looters who are in very much need of a vast amount of money. This group is led by a man called Professor who has been planning for a heist of the Royal Mint of Spain for a very long time to achieve it.

They need to possess the hostages from the Royal Mint to make an attempt and to purchase the time from the police to print the new cash as per their needs. The Professor is the protagonist of the series. The Professor hires theses eight people as thieves as he cannot achieve this task single-handedly. The jurisdiction and the qualification the protagonist observes in qualifying these eight people to reflect that the person does not take his goals lightly.

Money Heist Season 1 – La Casa de Papel Parte 1 All Episodes

These eight people do not talk with each other before the d-day. They must also be loyal and faithful to the leader. Each of them has a specific talent in them which is going to be helpful in this task as they go through it. Each one of the people selects a city name as his/her code name and is instructed by the Professor many months earlier prior to the day of the task. The thieves go to the Royal Mint by dressing up themselves in red jumpsuits with masks of a Spanish Painter Salvador Dali on their faces. The robbers take 67 staff members of the Royal Mint as their hostages and successfully escape with 2.4 Billion Euros through a self-built escape tunnel.

The robbers face many difficulties like not cooperating hostages, sticking to pre-defined rules, violence, mutiny and many more. The events are also commented by Tokyo (code name of one of the robbers) through a voice-over. Flashbacks that are shown through the run time of the series show the five months preparation that has taken place in an abandoned hunting estate in the countryside named Toledo. The robbers are also instructed not to share any personal information or allowed to have intimate relationships, and moreover, the robbery should take place without any bloodshed. These rules are being implied on them in order to prevent deviation of their minds from the sole purpose. The Professor acts as a brain for the overall robbery taking place from an outer area far away from the Royal Mint but not physically a part of it.

Money Heist Part 1 Watch Free

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After the completion of season 1, the series remained the most followed on Netflix for six consecutive weeks and was on the popular series list on IMDB.

This series is highly addictive as it keeps the viewers glued to their seats with a bunch of surprises, suspense, tragedy, excitement and many more throughout the series.


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