Money Heist Season 2- La Casa De Papel Part 2

All the Netflix series have been top-rated, and most of them are available on multiple languages. The series ‘Money Heist’ is popular and ‘La Casa De Papel’ means ‘The house of paper’ is the Spanish version of the web series. It is a money crime drama series divided into multiple parts. The season one was further divided into two parts of nine and six episodes respectively. Season two was split into eight episodes.Money Heist Season

About Money Heist Season 2

In season one, the story unfolds as a mysterious man, known by the name El Professor was planning a massive money heist. To execute his aggressive plan, he started looking for reckless people with some abilities who were not afraid of doing anything to earn money. His eye was on to enter the Royal Mint of Spain and print 2.4 billion Euros. In just a short time he hired a group of robbers: Tokyo, Berlin, Rio, Nairobi, Denver, Oslo, Moscow, and Helsinki. He explained to them in detail how to carry out the plan.

As per the plan, they put on jumpsuits, masks and invaded the Royal Mint of Spain and took hold of sixty-seven hostages. They began to print money when one of the hostages, Arturo made a plan with his wife, Monica, and secretary to escape the grip of the robbers. Monica concealed a phone, but she was caught, and one of the robbers ordered to kill her.

Denver, one of the robbers who was given the charge to kill Monica did not do that; instead, he fell in love with her. Arturo became devastated when he came to know about Monica’s affair with Denver. Nevertheless, he executed his plan and helped sixteen hostages to escape while he remained as a hostage. Meanwhile, the police launched an operation to capture the robbers and liberate the hostages.

The police had a face-off with Berlin, one of the robbers who sacrifice himself, while others managed to escape with around one billion Euros they printed till then. The police released the hostages. Meanwhile; Raquel, the police officer who was in charge of investigating the case trapped the professor and took him into custody. The professor expressed his love for Raquel. She became emotional, and the professor took the advantage to escape. It led to her removal from the investigation by her superiors. She joined the professor and his team later with her code name as ‘Lisbon.’

Money Heist Season 2 Story

Money Heist Part 2 Watch Now!
The jurisdiction and the qualification the protagonist observes in qualifying these eight people to reflect that the person does not take his goals lightly. These eight people do not talk with each other before the d-day. They must also be loyal and faithful to the leader. Each of them has a specific talent in them which is going to be helpful in this task as they go through it. Each one of the people selects a city name as his/her code name and is instructed by the Professor many months earlier prior to the day of the task.

The thieves go to the Royal Mint by dressing up themselves in red jumpsuits with masks of a Spanish Painter Salvador Dali on their faces. The robbers take 67 staff members of the Royal Mint as their hostages and successfully escape with 2.4 Billion Euros through a self-built escape tunnel.

Sierra and her team began a massive operation to catch the Raquel and professor and other robbers. A farmer couple gave information about Raquel and Sierra arrested her. They shot Nairobi played tricks with the professor by firing gunshot, and he thought Raquel was executed, and he became devastated and declared against Sierra and her team.

Money Heist Part 2 Watch Now (2020)

Money Heist Season 2 Watch Now!
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