Money Heist All Seasons: Full Episodes List Download

Spanish: La case de Papel or the house of paper named ‘Money Heist’ is a Spanish television heist crime drama series created by Alex Pina. This series was initially intended as a limited series to be shown in two parts. This story has its original run of 15 episodes on Antena 3 through 23 November 2017 from 2 May 2017. Netflix took apart and acquired global streaming right in 2017. Netflix re-cut the series into 22 different episodes and then released them worldwide. The beginning was from the first part on 20 December 2017. And the second part was followed by the first part of 6 April 2018.Money Heist All Seasons: Full Episodes List Download

Money Heist Seasons Full Episodes List

Name Money Heist
Spanish La case de Papel
Created by Alex Pina
Genre TelenovelaHeist

Crime drama


Starring Najwa NimriRodrigo de la Seena

Hovik Keuchkerian

Kiti Manver

Darko Paric

Maria Pedraza

Enrique Arce

Esther Acedo

Jaime Lorente

Miguel Herran

Pedro Alonso

Paco Tous

Ursula Corbero

Theme music composer Manel Santisteban
Composer(s) Manel SantistebaIvan Martinez


Country of origin Spain
Original language Spanish
Number of episodes 23
Number of seasons 2(3 parts)
Production location Madrid
Cinematography Miguel Amoedo
Camera setup Single-camera
Running time 67-77 mnts (Antena 3)40-57 mnts (Netflix)
Production company Vancouver Media
Audio format 5.1 surround sound
Original release Antena 3 (2017)

La case de Papel Series Review

Season 1: parts 1 and 2 (2017)


Part 1 begins with the incident of failed bank robbery by a lady named “Tokyo” and a man named “Professor” saves her from being caught by the police and gives her a heist of drastic proportions. After this brief beginning, the story jumps to the starting of a multi-day assault on Royal Mint of Spain in Madrid. There are eight robbers code-named after different cities like Tokyo, Berlin, Nairobi, Rio, Moscow, Denver, Helsinki, and Oslo. Through a self-built escape tunnel, the group of robbers takes hostages as part of their plan to escape with 2.4 billion.

The flashback through the series was about to show the five months of preparation in an abandoned hunting property in Toledo named countryside and those robbers were not able to share any personal information, neither engage in any personal relationship throughout the process.

As well as there was another rule that assault should be without bloodshed. Through parts 1 and 2 the robbers faced difficulties sticking to the pre-defined rules and faced violence, uncooperative hostages, mutiny and isolation. Through voice-overs, Tokyo comments on the event.

While Denver pursues a love affair with hostage Monica Gaztambide, inspector of National Police Corps negotiates with the professor and begins an intimate relationship with “Salva” his alter ego. The professor’s identity was repeatedly close to being coverless, until Requel reveals his true identity but was emotionally unable and unwilling to hand him to the police, after that at the end of part 2 after 128 hours the robbers managed to escape successfully with 984 million from the Mint. And then after several years, Raquel decodes postcards left by professor and then she reunited with him in Palawan in the Philippines.

Season 2: Part 3 (2019)

Money Heist Season 3

Season 3 La Casa de Papel Stream!
On the Royal Mint of Spain showing that the robbers enjoying their lives paired-up in diverse locations part 3 begins two to three years after the heist. when Europol became able to capture Rio with an intercepted phone then Professor picks up Berlin’s old plan in order to assault the Bank of Spain to force Europol to hand over Rio.

So they formed a group including Monica (going by “Stockholm”), back together and enlisted three members Marseille, Bogota, and Palermo. The disguised robbers sneak into a guarded bank, they took hostage and eventually gain access to gold and state secrets. Part 3 concludes by showing Lisbon being alive and in custody there Tokyo narrates the Professor had fallen for his own trap and this is how “ the war had begun”.

      Originally aired  
Season Part Episode First aired Last aired network
1 1 15 9 2 May 2017 27 June 2017 Antenna 3
2 6 16 October 2017 23 November 2017
2 3 16 8 19 July 2019 Netflix
4 8 3 April 2020

Cast and Characters:

Main characters:

  1. Ursula Corbero
  2. Itziar Ituno
  3. Alvaro Morte
  4. Paco Tous
  5. Pedro Alonso
  6. Alba Flores
  7. Miguel Herran
  8. Jaime Lorente
  9. Esther Acebo
  10. Enrique Arce
  11. Maria Pedraza
  12. Dark Peric
  13. Kiti Maneuver
  14. Hovik Keuchkerian
  15. Rodrigo de la Serna
  16. Najwa Nimri

Recurring characters:

  1. Roberto Garcia Ruiz
  2. Fernando Soto
  3. Juan Fernandez
  4. Anna Gras
  5. Fran Morcillo
  6. Clara Alvarado
  7. Mario de la Rose
  8. Miquel Garcia Borda
  9. Naia Guz
  10. Luka Peros
  11. Fernando Cayo


Conception and writing: The series was conceived by director Jesus Colmenar and screenwriter Alex Pina during their years of collaboration since 2008. The beginning of filming was set for January 2017, with five months of pre-production. This narrative was split into two parts for money factor consideration.

“Money Heist” the most addictive show on Netflix:

Season 1: part 1 and 2
No overall No is season Title Original airdate Spain viewers (millions)
1 1 “do as planned” 2 May 2017 4.09
2 2 “lethal negligence” 9 May 2017 3.04
3 3 “Misfire” 16 May 2017 2.64
4 4 “Trojan Horse” 23 May 2017 2.65
5 5 “Grounding Day” 30 May 2017 2.36
6 6 The hot cold war 6 June 2017 2.47
7 7 “Cool instability” 13 June 2017 2.42
8 8 “You asked for it” 20 June 2017 2.07
9 9 “Whoever keeps trying it, gets it” 27 June 2017 2.19
10 10 “Masked no longer” 16 October 2017 1.99
11 11 “The head of the plan” 23 October 2017 1.73
12 12 “A matter of efficiency” 2 November 2017 1.57
13 13 “What have we done” 9 November 2017 1.53
14 14 “Against the clock” 16 November 2017 1.48
15 15 “Bye beautiful” 23 November 2017 1.80

Season 2 part 3 (2019)

16 1 “We are back” 19 July 2019
17 2 “Aikido” 19 July 2019
18 3 “48 meters underground” 19 July 2019
19 4 “Boom boom clao” 19 July 2019
20 5 “The red boxes” 19 July 2019
21 6 “ Everything seemed insignificant” 19 July 2019
22 7 “ A quick vacation” 19 July 2019
23 8 “ Astray”  19 July 2019


The casting of this series took place late in 2016, cumulating more than two months. The character of this series was not fully fleshed out at the beginning of this process and took their shape slowly with an actor’s performance. Casting director Eva Leiras and Yolanda Serrano were looking for actors with this ability to play empathetic robbers with believable love and family connection.

The Professor was created as a charismatic yet shy villain who could convince the robbers to follow his path and make the audience feel sympathetic to the robbers.

Watch La case de Papel All Seasons 2020

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Part 1: La case de Papel

Part 2: La case de Papel

Part 3: La case de Papel

Part 4: La case de Papel


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