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Netflix is one of the fantastic streaming services available, with nearly 150 million subscribers. With the help of these services, you can watch a vast array of films, series originals and in house productions. It has an exclusive range of massive movies and series, which can be quite tempting to the people. But you have to get the subscription to get access to watch these movies or series.

How To Watch Netflix for Free 2020
How To Watch Netflix for Free 2020

In recent days, Netflix had raised the subscription amount. Luckily enough there are few methods that are useful to get Netflix for free and let me describe to you about those options.

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Sign up for Netflix free trial for 30 days

Although the subscription price is high, they offer a service for free 30 days Netflix trial membership. Like the paid subscriber, you will get access to all the series and films. Here, you can also either change the subscription plan or can cancel them altogether. They would ask for your debit card or credit card number before accessing the free trial, but they won’t charge you for a month.

How To Watch Netflix for Free 2020
How To Watch Netflix for Free 2020

The steps mentioned below are to get the Netflix 30 day free trial,

  • Visit the official page of Netflix, and it is
  • You have to select the red button with ‘Try 30 days Free.’
  • Now you will be navigated to the next page where you can view the information about the free trial with its conditions.
  • Click ‘See the plans’ option.
  • Among the given three subscription packages, you can select any one of them. As there is no need to pay money for a month, you can go for a ‘Premium plan.’
  • You should enter your email id and a secure password and then click the ‘Continue’ option.
  • You have to select and enter your payment details among credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, and gift cards.
  • Finally, once you had finished with the above steps, you can now watch your favorite movies or shows on Netflix for free with the help of Free Netflix Accounts and Passwords 2021

But it’s only for 30 days, and then you have to cancel the plan to avoid getting charged. The steps to cancel the Netflix trial are,

  • Log in to the Netflix account by entering your email id and password.
  • Select ‘your name’ button in the top right corner and click on ‘Account.’
  • Click on the ‘Cancel Membership’ option, which is present on the left of your email id.
  • Then you should confirm the cancellation of the subscription and finally out of the subscription with Netflix.

Netflix cookies today 2021

Another secure method to watch Netflix free is by using browser cookies. Cookies are a small piece of data, such as your login details, which are created by the website. The site uses it all around the world for the authentication and identification of the users. It allows for auto sigh into the previously logged-in websites.

How To Watch Netflix for Free 2020

If you had logged in to Netflix once, the cookies will be stored in your browser and are useful for auto verification for re-entering the website. We can get access to transfer these browser cookies from one to another around the world through some browser extensions. Once you copied the cookie in the browser, you will be immediately get logged in to the account, and there is no need to enter the user name and password.

Sharing the Netflix Account

It is an efficient method to save money by sharing user credentials and passwords with your family and friends. In case you are using the Premium plan, the account can be useful for four people. You also have the option to create a separate profile for each member. But you can’t change the password for each profile as it is all logged in one account.

Here are the steps to be followed to create a profile,

  • Visit and log in to your account.
  • Click on the ‘Account icon,’ which is at the top right side of the page.
  • Select ‘Manage profiles’ and then click on ‘Add profile.
  • Enter any user name for the new profile and click on ‘Continue.’
  • Finally, select ‘Done.’

We hope the methods, as mentioned earlier, would be useful to get Netflix for free. Let us enjoy our favorite shows and movies with these tips and tricks.

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